The Sunday Edit #9

I'd first like to start off by apologising for the fact that I've only had one post up this week!  My posts have been quite inconsistent the past few weeks because of school work, but I finished school for 6 weeks on Friday so I am pleased to say that I can now focus all my attention on blogging regularly.

This week was my last week of being in year 10 which is scary! I can't believe I'm going to be in year 11 next year and be one of the oldest students in the school!  I had to say goodbye to a two of my favourite teachers this week as they are retiring which was quite sad as they have helped me so much and they are such lovely people.  I am so excited by the fact I have 6 weeks ahead of me to do whatever I please!!

I have got quite a few summery posts planned for you within the next few weeks so I am really looking forward to hearing your feedback on them soon!  If there is anything you would like to see more of around these parts, do let me know in either the comments or through social media and if you enjoy reading my blog, make sure to tell your friends and spread the word because I would love to have some new readers and some fresh ideas.

I have been working this weekend at the next sale so I am hoping to go shopping this week and spend by wages so look out for rather a large haul coming your way!  I have nothing that exciting planned for this week, tomorrow I am going to Dick Lovett with my dad to look at a car and then I'm off to my sisters leaving picnic and prom because she has her last day in Primary school on Tuesday! I may even do an OOTN tomorrow if I could find something decent to wear!

I hope you have all had a lovely week and look out for some summery posts this week!

Emily xx

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