My Top 3 Affordable Summer Fragrances ❤

I haven't really mentioned anything about fragrances on my blog so I thought I'd dedicate a whole post to them!

In the summer I generally tend to change up my perfumes from the heavy, musky scents to lighter and more floral and girly scents.

The first one is the Body Shop Neroli Jasmin Eau De Toilette.  It is a more mature, florally scent that I wear all year round but it is particularly nice for Summer.  It's a very feminine fragrance and anyone would like it, regardless of taste.

The second one is another Body Shop one and its the White Gardenia Eau De Toilette.  This is a lot lighter than the first one and is a lot more girly.  It's very floral but its not like a grannyish kind of floral and is perfect for all ages.

The last one is L'eau Rose from Next which may have been discontinued as I couldn't find it online.  I got this in the sale at the weekend and I have been wearing it ever since.  It is a very pretty, floral fragrance and it is lighter than the body shop ones.  Its not very strong but is still noticeable and again, is suitable for all ages.

What are your favourite summer fragrances? let me know!

Emily xx

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