What To Do When You Breakout ❤

Breakouts are caused by a number of different things.   They can be caused by stress, hormones, bacteria, diet and what is going on inside your body.  In this post, I will be giving you some tips and tricks on what to do when you breakout and hopefully I can help you!


Germs are one of the main causes of breakouts.  Be sure to keep your face clean and wash anything that my come into contact with it such as:
  • Makeup Brushes.  I have posts on cleaning brushes here and spot cleaning here.
  • Flannels, Face Cloths and Towels
  • Pillowcases and Bedding
  • Hands
  • Hair
  • Phones
By doing this, you are minimising the amount of bacteria that touches your skin and you can help prevent breakouts or stop them from getting worse and allow them to heal.


There are a number of foods and drinks that can help or hurt your skin.  I found a list here of all the best and worst foods for your skin.  Breakouts cause by diet can easily be cleared by eating the right foods and avoiding any that break you out.  The best foods are greens, foods that are high in fibre, pie fruit, avocados and drinking lots of water.  The worst are Dairy, fatty and oily foods, gluten and soy and sugar and caffeine so be sure to avoid these.


If you are breaking out because of a product, discontinue use immediately as this is not the product for you.  If you are breaking out, now is not the time to try new products because you don't know how your skin will react to them.  Stick to the products that you know work best for your skin and stay away from anything harsh that could irritate or strip your skin too much as this will just make everything worse.  Be sure to remove all makeup thoroughly and make sure you cleanse and use a mask that will unclog your pores and clarify your skin.  Using antiseptics or antibacterial products is also a good idea, products with tea tree, salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide are amazing for breakouts and will help to clear them in no time!


If you are breaking out because of stress, try your best to keep calm and relax.  Doing things like yoga, having a bath, reading, candles, oils and anything that you enjoy doing can really help with this.  If something is bothering you, try talking to someone or doing something about it rather that bottling it all up and getting stressed out.

I hope this has helped anyone that is battling acne.  Doing the research for this post has really helped me and has really made me think about how certain things I do or eat can really damage my skin!

Emily xx

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