The Sunday Edit #11

I have been very productive this week and have sorted out my room, got rid of all the junk that was lying around and tidied it up.  I also added this little table to put my nail polish rack on and some flowers so that I have more space on my dressing table for makeup and other bits and bobs.

On Thursday, I travelled to my Nan and Grandad's caravan in Devon and I am staying here until Tuesday.  On Friday, we drove to Totnes and took the train to Plymouth and I think its safe to say, we did some damage!  Although it poured down, Plymouth was such a nice place and the shops are amazing!  I bought so much, I think I may do a holiday haul some time next week.  Yesterday we went to Torquay and Paignton where I picked up a few more bits and bobs and I have really enjoyed it!  On Tuesday we are going back to my caravan for the rest of the week.

I also got a message to say that I can go back to work next week at the office where I did my work experience which I am really looking forward and it is an excuse to do some more shopping!

The miserable weather in Plymouth!

I hope you have all had a lovely week and let me know if you have been up to anything interesting!

Emily xx

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