First Impressions | L'oreal True Match Foundation ❤

I have been dying to try this foundation for so long but never really wanted to spend £10 on it because that is a little pricier for drugstore and it has so many mixed reviews.  A lot of people had said that it was amazing for oily skin and a lot of people said that people with oily skin should steer well clear of it.  I managed to find it for £5 at my local market so I jumped at the chance to try it for half the price!

L'oreal's description of the product; 'perfectly matches the colour and texture of your skin.  Improves the appearance of skin quality and is super blend able.  Micro mineral pigments perfectly match your skin tone.  In 2 weeks, skin feels smoother, looks healthier and more even.  The appearance of skin quality is improved.  A beautiful flawless-looking complexion... your skin only better'

It has quite a runny consistency and seems like it would offer quite a light coverage.  I tried blending it in with my real techniques expert face brush which just smeared it all over my face.  I think this is because it is too dense and I needed something lighter.  I then tried with my miracle complexion sponge and this worked so much better.  When I apply foundation, I put blobs all over my face and then blend it in.  With this, I found that by the time I had done one part of my face, the other blob had started to set and were quite difficult to blend in.

As for the finish of the foundation, it is a satin finish, not too matte and not too dewy.  I found that this foundation accentuated pores even though I had already used the porefessional and I found it didn't sit quite right on them.  After it had settled into the skin, it didn't look too bad and once set with a powder it looked absolutely fine.  I got mine in the shade R1-C1 which is the lightest and it matched me perfectly, however I found that after a few hours it had oxidised and was at least 1 shade darker than before.  I did look a tiny bit orange but it wasn't too bad, I've seen worse!

As for lasting power, I had it on for about 7 hours when I checked it, and apart from the oxidation and a little bit of shine on my nose, it still looked pretty good!  It had creased slightly where I get laugh lines but it was nothing that a slight touch up of powder couldn't fix.  

Overall, I think this is a good foundation and I will definitely continue to use it.  I think it takes a lot of getting used to because it is unlike any other foundation I have used so I will probably learn a few tips and tricks on the best way to apply it and I will grow to like it a bit more.  I recommend this for all skin types, although oily skinned people could probably use a touch of powder just down the t-zone and it will be absolutely fine!

What are your views on this foundation?

Emily xx

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