Review | MUA Undressed Palette - Naked Palette Dupe? ❤

Like pretty much all beauty bloggers/vloggers, I am obsessed with the Urban Decay Naked Palettes.  I received the Naked 3 Palette for Christmas and I had planned to buy the original naked palette with my earnings.......that was until I stumbled across this bad boy in Superdrug last week!

 I had heard a lot of people rave about the MUA eyeshadow palettes, and when I saw that it was only £4, I couldn't leave it behind.  The colours are highly pigmented and the formula of these shadows is on point.  They are very creamy, buttery, long-lasting and they are easy to apply without too much fallout.

 Left to Right:- bronze ore, burnished brown, tawny, henna, fuel and cool grey.
 Left to right:- puff, rose ash, fawn, gild, hazel and lion.

It wasn't until I got it home and looked at the palette properly, that I realised that it was pretty much an exact dupe for the original naked palette!  I did a bit of research and came across many comparisons like the one pictured above and also discovered that the undress me too palette is a dupe for the naked 2!  I have yet to pick this one up but I can assure you it will be going straight into my basket on my next trip to superdrug!

I am so glad that I discovered this palette.  I can create all the looks that I could have created with the naked palette for just a fraction of the price!  The only problem I do have with this palette is that the brush is pretty poor and there isn't a mirror, but for £4 as opposed to £37, I am willing to overlook this!

I definitely recommend this to anyone that wants to try the naked palettes but can't really afford to pay £37 for an eyeshadow palette.  You can recreate looks where the naked palette has been used and no one would know the difference! This is definitely my new favourite eyeshadow palette!

Emily xx

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