The Autumn Tag

Seeing as Autumn is my favourite month, it only seems right that I did the infamous Autumn Tag.  Even as Autumn is slowly drawing to a close and Winter is rearing its head, I am gripping on to it for as long as I can and I'm not willing to let go just yet!

What's Your Favourite Thing About Autumn?
I love everything about Autumn! I love halloween, I love all the spicy scents everywhere, I love all the Autumn fashion and I love being able to wear dark berry shades and anything woolly!

Favourite Autumn Drink?

Anything hot! My absolute favourite hot drink is obviously tea though!
Favourite Autumn Food?
I love home cooked meals like roast dinners, cottage pies and sausage and mash.  I just love coming home to a warm and cosy house after a hard day and having good food to look forward to!

Favourite Autumn Activity? 

I would probably actually say blogging, I am a lot more inspired throughout the Autumn and Winter months because it is my favourite time of year and there are so many more things I am interested in and want to write about.  In the summer, I'm not massively bothered about fashion and there are only so many times you can talk about fresh and dewy face products!

Favourite Autumn Candle Scent?

I love spicy scents and there are quite a few in Yankee Candle at the moment that I have my eye on.  I love things that make you feel warm and cosy and candles are just the best!

Favourite Item of Clothing/Accessory for A/W 2014?

Anything oversized and fluffy/woolly!

Favourite Lip Product?

Mac 'Plumful' every time! It is the most perfect plummy shade for Autumn and I absolutely love it.  I find it surprisingly easy to wear so it definitely gets a lot of use!

Favourite Nail Polish?

I don't think I have a favourite nail polish, but there are quite a few shades I constantly use throughout the Autumn months.  Essie and Nails inc probably do the best shades, I mentioned all of my favourites in my Autumn Beauty Edit Post.

Go-To Autumn Makeup Look?

I love to go for brown and coppery shades for the eyes with a darker blush and a nude lip.  If I am going for a bold lip, I usually go for a simple matte eye and winged liner which I have recently mastered and I feel like I have achieved all of my life goals!

What's Top on Your Autumn Wishlist?

At the moment, top of my wish list is a Michael Kors bag which I am getting for my birthday! My birthday is getting nearer and I can't wait to go shopping and have some fun with my friends!

I tag you all to do this tag and be sure to leave your links down below! 

Emily xx

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