Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palette | Review

Today I'm back with another review! I don't very often do reviews specific to an individual product, but recently I have acquired quite a few products that I thin deserve their own post.  As you will have seen in my 'What I've Won' Post, I received the Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palette in Streak from Kelly over at Vampy Varnish and it hasn't failed to impress.
Starting off with the packaging, it is very aesthetically pleasing with its dark gold back ground and rose gold writing.  It looks very luxurious and looks lovely sat on your dressing table, or on show in acrylic storage which is where mine resides.  The packaging is sturdy, hard plastic with a firm clasp so it won't open without a good tug.  Although not overly slim, it is lightweight and compact which makes it perfect for travelling.
I think the idea of creating a palette with a bronzer, blush and highlight all together is genius.  This 1 palette has everything you need for your face in one place, making it extremely convenient. It makes life so much easier in the morning, only having to reach for one thing saves time unlike before when I was vouching for 3 separate products every day.
As for formula, they are buttery and pigmented which is all I would expect from Urban Decay. The bronzer is quite a light colour, suitable for pale skin and has a hint of warmth to completely transform your complexion into that of a healthy, and bronzed glow.  It is completely matte, and is the perfect shade for either a subtle, all over bronze or more precise contouring.  It is very pigmented so a light hand is necessary to ensure you don't look like a dirty satsuma.  The blush is a beautiful peachy pink with a hint of coral, perfect for the summer months and really enhances the bronzy glow you have already created with the bronzer.  Again, it is very pigmented so proceed with caution in order to avoid looking like someone who is still stuck in the eighties!  Last but not least, the highlight which is my favourite part of any makeup.  This is a beautiful rose gold shade which is quite universal and would suit most skin tones.  It creates a sheen rather than a shimmer and a light dusting off this just brings life back into my otherwise dull complexion.

This palette is definitely a winner for me and has encouraged me to want to try even more Urban Decay products! Let me know your thoughts on this palette, and Urban Decay as a whole.

Emily xx

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