The Sunday Edit #33

This week has been pretty chilled, I think I have only left the house twice! I went to morrisons on wednesday and went to the mall on friday and that is about it!

This week has been an entire week of procrastinating where anything school related is concerned.  Only yesterday did I start attempting to do some art work and today I think I might type up the english speech that I should have done before the holidays even started.  I think today I will be maybe finishing off some art stuff, doing my english speech and typing up this weeks blog posts. If I am starting to post 4 times a week, then I think thorough preparation is definitely going to be required.

This week, I have 2 slightly more fashion-themed posts as this is what you all requested in my survey, as well as something more beauty related!  I may have a haul coming soon because I got a little bit carried away in the boxing day sales and new year blog sales this past week or so and I have plenty of new and exciting things that I am dying to show you! I am going to wait until everything has arrived before I contemplate writing that as I don't want to be adding little extras in every time something comes.  With all these new products, comes yet another muji rotation so keep your eyes out for that in the next month.

Also, for a bit more of a lifestyle post, I was thinking of doing a bathroom tour/whats in my cabinet as I recently had my bathroom done and thought it would be something a little different for you to read.  I have my own bathroom so everything is done to suit me and I just have my stuff in there! If you would be interested in that, do let me know!

I think that is everything that I wanted to see, I am sat here eating cookies and drinking a cup of tea from my pug mug with a completely blank mind!  I will be back on Monday for the official start of 2015 in my eyes!

Emily xx

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