The Sunday Edit #17

This week has been pretty good, I haven't had any arguments with my tutor, my lessons haven't too bad and I haven't been stressed out because of the amount of work I have. This week I was asked to go to Aushcwitz next February with the school for a trip to help with our history GCSE, I am really looking forward to it as I love history and I love learning about World War 2 and everything that was happening in Germany at the time. 

This weekend we have been staying in the new forest for my mums birthday weekend. It is so lovely here, we went to Lymington on Saturday and had a wander around the marina and some shops which was really nice and the journey there was nice as well, we drove all along the moors and saw all the wild horses! Today we are off to Highclere castle, which is the castle that they film Downton Abbey in and I can't wait!! I'm hopefully going to do a post with pictures about this weekend to show you some of the lovely scenery and what we've been up to so that will hopefully be up at some point this week.

I hope you have all had a lovely week and enjoy your weekend!

Emily xx

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