Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award!

I was nominated for this award by the lovely Courtney from A Little Lippy Goes A Long Way.  As I understand, this is very similar to the Liebster Award which I have got twice now so I am so glad to be nominated for a third time, it makes me so happy to know that people appreciate me and my little corner of the internet!

The Rules

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back to their site.
  • Put the award logo on your blog
  • Answer the 10 questions that they have set you
  • Makeup 10 new questions for your nominees to answer
  • Nominate 10 more people!

The questions Courtney has set me:
  1. Would you rather use only one eyeshadow colour or one lip colour for the rest of your life?  That is such a hard question! I am massively into eyeshadow but I am getting more and more into lip products so this is a hard question! I think I would say one eyeshadow, although eyes are important, I think lips really make the look and you can dress a look up or down just by changing the colour of lipstick.  In the autumn I also love a really bold dark lip, I find that even though I resemble a ghost, I think dark reds look really pretty on pale skin tones, very snow white-esque!
  2. What was the first makeup item you ever owned?                                                                         I think the first makeup item I ever owned was a pink eyeshadow from Rimmel when I was 6 or 7. I have been dancing since I was 3 and because it was the dance show, I wanted to wear some makeup and I remember excitedly running into super drug with my mum and picking up this shocking pink eyeshadow, and I think I may have picked up a baby pink lipgloss as well!
  3. If you could only buy from one makeup brand, which brand would you choose?                         If I could only buy from one brand, it would have to be Mac! Their products are of such amazing quality and they have such a wide range of colours in every product, I think I could easily walk in there and find what I was looking for quite easily.  Even though they are pretty pricey, I think the products are so worth it.
  4. Which makeup brand do you think has the best packaging?                                                          If I am picking a brand of which I own products from, I think it would have to be Chanel because it is just so classy and sophisticated.  It is timeless and will never look old fashioned or fuddy-duddy.  I also think Yves Saint Laurent's packaging is pretty, especially their rouge volupté shines!
  5. What is the one product you would grab if your house was on fire?                                                Would it be cheating if I said my muji storage? Technically it is just one thing, it just happens to be full of all my favourite products! I seriously wouldn't be able to choose because there are so many products that I just couldn't live without!
  6. What is your signature scent?                                                                                                         My signature scent is Thierry Mugler's Alien Perfume.  It is my autumn/winter scent as it is quite heavy but I think it is so mature and sophisticated without being too old for me.  The pump is stuck on my bottle though which makes me sad :(
  7. Who's your favourite beauty vlogger?                                                                                                I watch so many beauty you tubers, it is so hard to choose! I think possibly Vivianna Does Makeup may just be my favourite, however I love Lily Pebbles, Essie Button, Amelia Liana, Hello October, Shaaanxo, Lauren Curtis, all of them!!
  8. Which product is at the top of your wish list?                                                                                 At the moment I am desperate for Mac Cranberry Eyeshadow because I really want to start experimenting more with colour and I think this is the perfect shade for Autumn.
  9. What type of product do you buy most of?                                                                                     I buy loads of everything! I think I seem to be buying skincare more than makeup at the moment, I think there have been so many new skincare launches with rave reviews recently, it's hard to resist!
  10. What's the beauty rule you preach but never actually practice?                                                     Washing makeup brushes! I have done various posts on it and I am always banging on to you about how important it is to wash your brushes, but I do mine literally once a month, if that! Slap on the wrist for me!
My Questions:

  1. If you could create a lipstick, what sort of shade would it be, what you call it and what would the packaging look like?
  2. If you could create an eyes, face and lips palette which 3 products from each category would you put in there? They can be anything and from any brand!
  3. If you wanted to dye your hair a whacky colour, what colour would you choose?
  4. If you could only have one meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the rest of your life, what would it be? You can pick 3 courses!
  5. What is your favourite season?
  6. Which Autumn trend are you most excited to be sporting this season?
  7. What is your favourite thing about yourself?
  8. What do you think the best thing about blogging is?
  9. What encouraged you to start blogging?
  10. What is your favourite candle?
I nominate:-
Dalal - www.monochromedaisies.blogspot.co.uk
Heather - http://www.porcelainbeautyx.com
Amy Rose - http://www.amyrose.co
Kimberley - http://www.kimberleysbeautyblog.com
Chloe - http://simplebeautychatter.blogspot.co.uk
Chloe - http://www.thechloelook.com
Tierney - http://www.tierneyellen.blogspot.co.uk
Maddy - http://unstitchedd.blogspot.co.uk
Rebecca - http://autumnleaves-x.blogspot.co.uk
Thank you again to Courtney to nominating me and I look forward to reading your posts!

Emily xx

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