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Brushes :- Ebay, £8.85

I am always up for a bargain so when I spotted these sigma-esque dupes on Ebay for only £8.85, I was all over them.  They had a huge range of different colours, but naturally I opted for pink.  In the picture on ebay, they come across as a very pale baby pink colour when actually they are more of a dark corally colour but that's besides the point, chances are if you're reading this post you are more likely interested in the quality rather than the shade of pink that they are.

The set comes with 5 face brushes and 5 smaller eye/face brushes.  They are very similar to sigma brushes and xo beauty and I think the quality is just as good.  All of these brushes blend both liquid and powder products beautifully without smearing or leaving a trail of bristles strewn across your face.  I have used the large ones for foundation and other cream products like highlighter and blush.  My favourites are the flat top one and the round top, I find these the easiest to use in order to get a flawless base.  The small ones work amazing for concealer, cream eyeshadows and blending.  I use the pointed one for pin point concealing, the fluffy round top for buffing concealer in under my eyes and the flat top for powdering under my eyes.  The other 2 I use for applying cream shadows and blending shadows.

I haven't washed them yet (slap on the wrist for me) so I can't comment on that but I think for the price, they are brilliant quality and I couldn't be without them now.  They come with a travel bag as well so they are easy to travel with, an all round good bargain!

Emily xx

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