The Sunday Edit #16

I am so sorry this post is up so late, Blogger had a bit of a meltdown on me! At first this morning it wouldn't publish, then it said it did so I left it, checked up on it about 5 minutes ago and it hadn't, went to publish it again and then it put up a blank post and everything I had written had been deleted! Not happy...

Anyways, this week hasn't really been the best. I went back to school on Wednesday and they have changed everything! They changed the house and tutor system which I hate, plus I have a horrible tutor and they have moved my locker as well! I ended up with the duff locker with a huge dent in and a dodgy lock, and also I have the tutor from hell!  She has been so horrible this week, forcing all the girls to take their makeup off whilst she is stood there caked in foundation with stripes for blusher, a black smokey eye and a red lip.........as you can imagine, I wasn't a happy bunny and I am dreading going to school tomorrow, purely for the fact she is just going to pick on me again! Anyway, rant over! I would love to hear your thoughts on this subject, I know people have a lot of different views on whether or not you should wear makeup to school.  I personally think its fine as long as its subtle and I think it is bang out of order to make an already self-conscious girl, strip her face in front of the whole class and then having to walk round school all day long!

Enough ranting, on to something a bit better!  This weekend I have been at my caravan.  The weather has been pretty good for once, so good in fact that we cracked the barbecue out yesterday!  After we had eaten, we went out to see some entertainment in the local pub and we had a really good time.

Today has been spent meandering around the local market, watching some netflix, arguing with blogger and attempting to pre-write this weeks posts.

I hope you have all had a lovely week and a lovely weekend!

Emily xx

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