The Sunday Edit #61

Sneak peek of tomorrow's post!

I'm quite shattered after the week I've had, I don't think I've stopped all week which I'm glad of! I have been working at Summer School all week, we have been all over the place doing so many different things.  On Monday we did team building activities, on Tuesday we went down to the harbour for sailing, canoeing and a treasure hunt, on Wednesday we went to a place called Barton Camp where we went hiking up a hill, got drenched in the pouring rain and then went swimming! On Thursday I had the day off and went out for lunch with my nan and her friends and tried to get a few blogposts written up, then Friday we were back at school again and the children made presentations about their week and cooked their own pizzas for lunch! All of this running around has really worn me out so having a fairly restful weekend was much needed.

Yesterday I had a wander round the shops and ended up buying quite a few things which you will see in an upcoming haul, and then we went to see an Ed Sheeran tribute which was amazing! I will post a picture on twitter and Instagram soon, but he was so much like the real thing! I'm putting together my very first outfit post from last night which will be up tomorrow, I'm not entirely sure how it will go as I haven't done one of these posts before but we shall see!  Today has been pretty rubbish really but fairly productive.  I washed all of my makeup brushes, cleared out my handbag, tidied my room and I am currently writing up some blogposts before starting to do a little more work on my college projects that I have to have completed by the 20th August which really isn't that far away so I want them done and out of the way before I go on holiday.

I was so pleased to see that Friday's post went down so well! I haven't really done any tutorials before  so I was really chuffed to see that so many of you loved it! I had a request for more of that sort of thing, and Emily Morgan from emilysbeautythoughts.blogspot.com (check her out, she's awesome) suggested some celebrity looks, so if you have any particular celebrated or looks you would like me to do, then tweet me or tag me in Instagram pics! I also have part of a Q&A written up in my drafts, however I don't feel as though I have enough questions in it to publish.  If you have questions that you would like me to answer on absolutely anything, leave them in the comments and tweet me and I will give your blog or social media a mention as a thank you for participating!

I think that is all I have to say for today, let me know what you have been up to this week and if you have nay plans for the summer holiday!

Emily xx

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