The Sunday Edit #60

I have finally fixed my laptop at long last! (hopefully anyway).  It kept turning itself off and just being generally annoying which has stopped me from writing blogposts for a while!

This week was my last week working at school with all of the teachers before starting the summer school tomorrow with only a few.  Having to say goodbye to everyone again was really sad and is something that I absolutely hate doing!  One of the maths teachers that I had helped out the most bought me the sunflowers that are in the picture which I think was really sweet and they really seem to have livened up my room a bit and are sitting pretty on my dressing table!

As you may have seen on twitter, that I won another giveaway this week! I'm sure many of you read Carissa's blog, Vanilla Crush and will have seen her YSL lipstick set which consists of 3 beautiful summary shades! I can't wait for them to arrive so that I can try them out and write a blogpost on them for you!

I have a question for all of you iMac owners out there.  Are they worth the money? I have been looking into it recently and I'm just not sure whether I want to part with that much cash. The reason being I find I am more inclined to get stuff done if I am sat in a desk at a computer in work mode rather than sat on my laptop in bed or on the sofa where I just tend to procrastinate and snuggle up and watch netflix. I was thinking that it may encourage me to get college work and blogposts done quickly and efficiently so that I keep on top of my workload and feel more motivated to work.  I'm just not sure because they really are an obscene amount of money! I was also thinking about just getting a monitor that I can plug my macbook pro into because I'm told that my macbook pro is better than some of the cheaper iMac's and would be a waste of money so I was just wondering if any of you people that know about the technical stuff would have any advice for me!

I think that is just about it for today, I hope you have all had a lovely week!

Emily xx

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