The Sunday Edit #59

It looks like I'll be apologising again today as I have had technical difficulties this week and have been unable to post so I am currently writing this on my phone which is a pain in the bum! My laptop has had a bit of a nervous breakdown so hopefully I will be able to sort that out today so that I can get some posts ready to put up this week!

I've been in school all week helping out in lessons and doing some marking to stop me from going mad whilst I'm stuck at home! I've been on a bit of a downer after leaving and prom so I thought this might make me feel a bit better.  Though I've enjoyed it, it's definitely put me off teaching for life and I've definitely realised that it isn't for me! I definitely think I shall be pursuing my original plan of going into law. I will be back in next week for the last week of term and then I am in for 2 weeks in the holidays to work for the summer school for the year 6's which I am getting paid for! Lots of new clothes and makeup are on the horizon.

I'm just having a pretty chilled weekend, trying to fix my laptop and write up a few blogposts, watching a few films and catching up on youtube videos! Nothing exciting, but a much needed and well earned rest!

I hope you have all had a lovely week!

Emily xx

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