The Sunday Edit #29

This weeks been... eventful shall we say! It was my birthday on Tuesday which was good, I have a post on my birthday here and also what I got for my birthday here.  I had a good day and I would like to thank everyone once again for all your kind birthday messages!

This week has been pretty stressful! A lot of things have happened which I won't go into detail about and also, exams are looming! I have my first one next Monday and then I have an entire week of them before we break up for Christmas! On the plus side, I'm on study leave all of next week and I am only going in for exams so it shouldn't be too bad and I'll have plenty of time to squeeze in any extra revision that I haven't had time for this week.

Yesterday we went shopping to spend some of my birthday money, I couldn't believe how hectic it was! Every shop we went in was absolutely packed with a queue right back through the shop, I have never seen anything like it! I think from now on, any shopping that needs to be done in December will be done online because I'm seriously contemplating whether I should leave the house again this side of Christmas! If you would like to see a haul with some of the things I managed to get, I will be able to do that in the next week or so.

Today I am going to be doing some more revision, and also, I may go to the cinema with some friends to just relax a bit and try to recover from the events of this week! I have to say, I'm not looking forward to next week as I think it is going to be 10 times worse.  On the bright side, it is academic review day on Thursday so I only have to go in for 15 minutes and I miss P.E so every cloud has a silver lining I suppose!

I hope you have all had a calmer and less stressful week than I have!

Emily xx

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