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On Saturday, I went shopping with my birthday money and bought a few bits and pieces that I fancied or have been wanting for a while.  I thought I would show you the bits and pieces I got and show you products that will possibly be featured in upcoming posts.

The first place I went was Primark! I didn't buy as much as I would have hoped because the one I went to was relatively small and it was absolutely packed so I wanted to just grab the stuff I wanted and leave!  There was a huge sale rack when I walked through the door, and on it were the first 2 blouses pictured above which were reduced to £5! I thought these would be nice in the winter and I could also wear the short sleeved one in the summer as well. They are nice pieces to have and can be worn in so many different ways so I look forward to styling them.  The second thing I got was this black and white long waterfall cardigan.  I have absolutely loved the look of blanket wraps ever since they becomes fashionable but was worried they would look odd on me because I am so small, so I opted for this cardigan because this is similar without looking too much, and I don't get lost in it! It is quite thick so it is very warm and it is quite slouchy so it is comfortable to just lounge around in.  The last clothing item I got was a onesie! I have been wanting a new onesie for ages and when I saw that this one was bright pink AND had bunny rabbits on, it went straight in my basket, no questions asked!  I absolutely love this, it is so warm and cosy and I am actually wearing this as I type! The aisle along the tills gets me every time, and I picked up 3 bits as I was in the ridiculously long queue waiting to pay and get the hell out of there! I found this 'I love Pugs' thermal mug and literally died! It is the cutest thing I have ever seen and I love pugs so I couldn't leave without it! I also found some christmassy fluffy socks AND some pug gloves!!

Next stop was House of Fraser and I knew exactly what I wanted in there! I have been dying to get the Nars Sheerglow Foundation for ages now so I thought I would finally get it as a birthday treat to myself! I wasn't sure what shade to buy, so they matched me to the shade 'Siberia' which is one of the palest and least yellow toned of the range.  It is still quite yellow but I can get away with it once I have the rest of my makeup on.  I am still unsure on this foundation so I will update you a s the story unfolds.  When I got to the till, the lady asked me if I wore anything on my lips, I was like pffttt what self respecting beauty addict doesnt? I'm joking, I just said yes, so she gave me this mini lipgloss in the shade 'Priscilla' which I am already in love with! The formula and pigmentation of mars lip glosses are phenomenal and I can't fault them!

The last place I went was Lush, because by this time I was fed up with being pushed and having my toes stood on and I just wanted to go home to bed! I picked up my absolute favourites, the butter bear, the butterball and shoot for the stars, and a new addition, the melting snowman! I am yet to try this so I will let you know what I think and I will probably post a miniature review on instagram!

That is all I bought, the rest I bought online and am still awaiting its arrival so there may be another haul very soon! December is always haul central around these parts!

Emily xx

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