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I was contacted by a brand called Safa Skin who said they would like to send me some products for review.  I had never heard of this brand before, so I did a bit of research and discovered that it is an all natural brand and all of their products are organic and halal.  All products contain essential oils and organic extracts to create natural and vegan products.  When I read this, I straight away said yes because I love natural products because I like to know what I'm putting on my skin and that I'm not harming it with lots of horrible chemicals that are in regular skincare products.

The first product I received is the Skin Therapy Oil* which to be honest, I didn't think I was going to like because I hate anything oily.  I didn't really know where to put this and I still don't really know now but I put it on my face mostly, whether that is right or wrong, it certainly works! It does have many uses, but I mainly use it as a sort of a serum before moisturiser and I have noticed quite a difference in my skin.  The oil soaks in really fast so I'm not left with a huge greasy layer on my skin and it just injects the glow back into my skin which has become dull and lacklustre since the temperature dropped here in the UK. At first, I was a bit hesitant to put oil onto my skin which already had enough of its own, but it has trained my skin to produce less oil, which has seen an increase in the longevity of my base and also a decrease in the amount of blackheads which are my main skin concern and nothing seems to shift them.  If you know of any good products to get rid of blackheads, do let me know!  Back to the oil, I also think it is amazing for use on your body if you suffer with dull and dry skin.  I think this would be amazing in the summer to give your body a very healthy and bronzy glow if you have a bit of a tan.

The second thing they sent me is the Daily Moisturiser*. I use this every morning, 10 minutes before I apply my makeup because it is very light and sinks in quickly.  It feels very cool and hydrating on the skin, without leaving my face feeling heavy and greasy.  I have had an issue with my skin being very dry but really oily as well and within an hour, my foundation looks horrendous. I found that this really helped to minimise the amount of dryness in my skin, as well as balancing out the oil so that my foundation goes on a lot smoother and lasts all day.  I love the glow that this gives my skin and I like that it prevents my skin from drinking the moisture out of my makeup because that was the main reason for breakouts and also why my makeup went patchy quite quickly.

These are amazing products and I definitely recommend them to anyone, especially those of you with sensitive skin.  They are also an amazing treat for anyone around christmas because they are so luxurious and allow you to feel relaxed and pampered.  Safa skin care will be going on sale in Holland&Barrett soon and you will also be able to order from their website in the near future.  They also run giveaways on their Twitter and Facebook pages so be sure to enter, you may bag yourself some amazing new products to play with!

Emily xx

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