Makeup Revolution Awesome 100 Eyeshadow Collection | Review

I was so pleased to receive the Makeup Revolution Awesome 100 Eyeshadow Collection the other day, and as soon as I started playing with it, I knew I wanted to do a full review on it for you.

This palette contains 100 eyeshadows as the name would suggest, offering a range of mattes, shimmers, foils and glitters in a wide variety of colours.  This is a perfect palette for travelling as it has everything you could ever need in sturdy, sleek and slimline packaging.  It is perfect for experimentation at the measly price of £12.00 which equates to each shadow costing 12p, crazy huh?

The shimmers and glitters are of an amazing quality! They are so buttery and pigmented, gliding on to the lid and blending seamlessly with little effort.  I was stunned by the high standard of these shadows and they are easily comparable to a lot of a more expensive shadows which makes them fantastic value for money.
The matte shades are a little bit hit and miss really.  The black is absolutely phenomenal, I've never seen anything like it! The browns are ok, not massively pigmented but can be easily built and blend well.  The coloured ones, especially anything red toned, are quite rough and chalky and have limited colour payoff which is a tiny bit disappointing but I would very rarely use these anyway and it is worth it for the shimmers and foils.

The glitters either have a shimmer or a matte base.  Again, the shimmers are amazing and the mattes vary in quality.  Some of them have more glitter packed into them and not much transfers onto the lid, however it can be built up to create a really bold and sparkly look, perfect for this time of year!

Overall, this is an amazing palette and I think it will be popular with a lot of people this christmas!

Emily xx

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