The Sunday Edit #48

This week I have been super busy, revising non-stop and making sure that all of my art coursework is completely finished before it has to be handed in on 15th May!

I have a proposition for you lovely people! Due to my hectic schedule over the next month or so, I am going to be struggling to find the time to post on my blog.  So that there isn't a huge silence over here, I would love to get some bloggers to blogpost for me! If you are a beauty/fashion blogger, type up a post about anything you like that is beauty/fashion/blogging/revision related and email it to me at emily.rowles@hotmail.co.uk and include all of your social media and blog details! Every post I receive will be posted over the next few weeks and you will receive full credit for your work! I have never done guest posts before so I am looking forward to featuring some fresh content from other bloggers on my blog! If you know of any other bloggers that may not follow my blog, share this opportunity with them, everyone is invited!

Today, I will be revising all day as I have an exam on Friday and I want to have gone over everything by next week so that I can go over everything one last time before my exams start so I know everything back to front! If you would like to see a revision tips post when I have some spare time, let me know and that is definitely something that I would be able to do!

Make sure you get in touch with me if you have a post that you would like to feature!

Emily xx

p.s: Blogger is being irritating and I am struggling to put a picture in this post! As soon as I can get this sorted, there will be a photo at the top as per usual :)

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