Heaven Skincare Velvet Hand Cream* | Review

When I saw this promotion pop up on Whatsblog about 2 weeks ago, I had a little browse of the requirements and realised that my blog fitted perfectly with what the company were after.  I applied to review the product and I was accepted which I was really pleased about!

The company itself was founded my Deborah Mitchell who says:

"I formulated this wonderful all-natural organic range of products, skin and body treatments to offer you the potent power of nature in perfect harmony with the latest breakthroughs in beauty technology.With over twenty five years experience as a hands on therapist I have developed a completely unique approach to looking after the skin and extensive knowledge of ancient herbal remedies. This has enabled me to create a unique way of thinking about beautiful skin and optimisation for perfection.Contrary to most popular skin care programmes Heaven seeks not to add more oil, but more moisture, which plumps out skin cells, making the complexion more lustrous and youthful.Heaven’s unique skin care approach has now been proven many times over to help skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, acne, oily and blemished skin.As a qualified teacher in beauty therapy I run my very own Heaven training school for therapists from all over the world. My in-depth knowledge of the spiritual and healing side of health and beauty also brings a unique addition to my training skills.Highly acclaimed with numerous awards for both treatments and products I have had and have the pleasure of treating many celebrities from the world of music, film, sport and even royalty and qualified to provide tips on all manner of issues including: acne, anti-ageing, nutrition, hormonal problems, post natal depression, healing, hair loss, reflexology, colonics, semi-permanent make-up for cancer patients and stress; treating everything holistically, looking at internal and external influences to get to the root cause of health and beauty issues.By using Heaven’s all-natural organic range of products you will see spots and blemishes improve while keeping a youthful complexion. Feel the difference immediately and check your complexion after five days – the results are remarkable. With Heaven, you can realise your own natural beauty."
That is basically a summary of the company and all they have to offer! Deborah also has a blog here.
The product itself comes in a sleek black box with black tissue paper, along with a mini catalogue of every other product that the company offers.  These products make perfect gifts for either yourself or a friend.  The packaging of the Velvet Hand Cream is ideal for at home use.  It has a pump, making it easy to use and perfect to keep at your dressing table or in your bathroom.  It isn't very travel friendly and isn't really a hand bag product but that's not such a big issue for me.  I can easily pump a small amount into a smaller container to carry around with me.  The packaging is very simple, with only the heaven logo and the product name, which means it looks nice wherever you decide to keep it.

The product itself is almost like a rose scented butter, except the consistency is a lot more runnier and less greasy.  I would say this is the perfect mix between a butter and a lotion, harbouring the benefits of both.  It is highly moisturising and really locks in moisture for long periods of time, without feeling heavy and with the easy-use qualities of a lotion.  It absorbs quickly and allows you to carry on with whatever you are doing, without that horrible greasy feeling.  It also has anti-agin benefits which makes it perfect for more mature ladies.  Your hands are one of the biggest giveaways of your age so this product is perfect for keeping them as youthful as possible! I use this products 2-3 times a day and I have found my hands and cuticles to be a lot softer and less flaky and I also found that it reduced the number of hang nails I have which is one of my biggest problems where hands are concerned.  My nails are also smoother which makes polish application that little bit easier and gives a better finish to my manicure.

All in all, this is an amazing product and is definitely worth the £14.95 that Heaven are asking for it. It is a luxury treat for either yourself or a friend and has a lot to offer!

Have you tried anything from this brand?

Emily xx

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