Essence Long Lasting Lipsticks | Review and Swatches

Left to Right:- Natural Beauty, Coral Calling and Love Me

After hearing essiebutton raving about the shade Coral Calling from this particular essence range, I had to pick it up along with a few other shades.  At £2.30, how could I possibly resist?! These are quickly becoming a favourite of mine, and I shall tell you for why......(if you got the Gavin and Stacey reference, I salute you!).

Starting with the packaging, I think it is quite sturdy and classic for such a budget buy.  They are rather small and sturdy which makes them perfect for travelling or just throwing in your handbag for touch ups on the go.  The shade is clearly visible by the colour on the sticker on the bottom and the ring around the tube.  This is my pet peeve with Mac lipsticks and I have to read the bottoms of each before I can find the one I am looking for, so this is definitely a must in my opinion for any lipstick.

As you can see from the swatches above, the colours are very pigmented and give a slightly glossy finish. I could easily compare these to a Mac Cremesheen Formula as I think this would be something that quite a few of you are familiar with, so you get the general just of what these lipsticks are all about.  They feel very smooth and buttery on the lips and really give your lips that extra bit of moisture whilst masking any dry patches, making them completely undetectable.  The only bad thing I would say about these, as they aren't really that long lasting. Within an hour or two, I definitely feel the need to reapply.  I don't find this such a problem though because they are so easy to slap on without even using a mirror and the still look beautiful, so I don't think they are too high maintenance.

The first shade I chose was Coral Calling which was the shade essiebutton loves and originally drew me towards this line.  This shade is exactly what it says in the tin, coral! It's nothing thats too bright or in your face, I would call this a muted coral and it is perfect for wearing during the day time.  Seeing as they were only £2.30, I decided to pick up a few more! After a bit of pondering over some shades, the next I decided on was Natural Beauty.  This is a beautiful mid toned pink with a hint of mauve, perfect for natural looks and to make you look just like a better version of yourself! I find this really livens up my makeup a bit and adds a subtle, yet pretty splash of colour to my otherwise, quite dull complexion.  Lastly, I decided upon Love Me.  This is a slightly lighter and brighter pink with a hint of coral.  This is a beautiful Spring/Summer colour and is perfect as an every day bright lip. I don't find it too bright or overpowering at all, perfect for those of you wanting to sport a bright lip without it attracting too much attention.

Overall, I am seriously impressed with these lipsticks and I will definitely be purchasing more of them very soon! If you are from the UK like myself, essence is now available in Wilkinsons at ridiculously cheap prices so make sure you go and check them out next time you find yourself near a Wilko!

Have you tried anything from this brand before?

Emily xx

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