The Sunday Edit #46

Sorry this post is up a day late, I have been having some issues where wifi is concerned (caravan site wifi is not the best) and I wasn’t able to get it up yesterday.  I decided I would put 2 posts up in one day as ‘The Sunday Edit’ is one of my most popular posts and I am yet to miss a week.
This week has been quite good! I had to go to school for my triple science controlled assessment on Monday and Tuesday which was a bit rubbish, but then I had the rest of the week off to do something hat I wanted to do! We came to Brean on Wednesday and we are here until next wednesday so I have a little bit of time to do what I want and not have to be forced into school again through my holidays. We have been doing a lot of shopping the past few days, which you would be aware of if you follow me on Instagram (if you’re not, click the button on the top right hand side of my blog!).  I will have a huge drugstore haul following this post later on so keep your eyes peeled for that.  I just fancied trying a whole load of new products for Spring to liven up my makeup bag a bit and freshen things up!
The past few nights, we have been out for the live music in the pub next door which was good, but it is always packed with strangers at easter and I hate it! It is quite a friendly pub and everyone knows everyone, until school holidays come along and a bunch of strangers start encroaching on our territory! Oh well, I suppose it can’t be helped or avoided!
Besides all the strangers, I have a had a good week, and I hope you all have too!
Emily xx

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