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Today, I have a guest post from Krystal who blogs over at The Little Beauty Bug.  She is going to tell you all about her favourite NYX Cosmetics Products, enjoy!

Hey Beauties! As many of you know my Makeup Collection is not small but its lacking in a few areas especially when it comes to NYX Cosmetics! Most of the things you see in the image are all that I own and while I have access to NYX Cosmetics, much of it is at the most expensive drugstore in town and so I don't purchase a whole lot of it unless its on sale. On my journey of collecting products and testing them out I have been able to pick up many of the NYX Cosmetics products that have been on my wishlist forever. In saying that, I have never not liked a product I have tried by this brand and I'm going to tell you which ones are my absolute favorites and which one's I just like!

NYX Cosmetics has a great array of face products available both through their website, or through other various sites like Beauty Joint and more, but since my local drugstore doesn't have a whole lot of products many of the face things I have tried have been blushes. I want to first start off by saying that no matter the form the blush is in NYX Cosmetics just does it right. First off their Powder Blushes are some of my absolute favorites, the one in the image above is Desert Rose, and its one of my absolute favorites. These are smooth, cream-like and so easily blendable and did I mention there extremely pigmented! However I do find that after a lot of use that they do form a hard pan - which means the top of the product becomes hard from the transfer of oil's from you face to the product. Another great blush they do well is their Cream Blushes, above you can see the shade Natural, but I also own several other colors. These are extremely pigmented as well and very smooth and blendable. The only issue I find with these is they last forever, and I find this hard when I have a face of makeup on and much of it starts to break down after 8 hours but my blush still looks perfect! These are a perfect cream blush for in the summer time want you want a more natural and healthy appearance to your face.

The sad part about my area is the drugstore I shop at is that it doesn't carry a lot of NYX Cosmetics eye products and the one's they do are like $8-9 for a single eyeshadow. So many of the ones I have picked up are the old packaged and formulated ones because they were about $1-2 dollars Canadian. If you do have the old versions, I find them to be extremely smooth, buttery, soft and blendable and are some of the most reached for single shadows in my collection.. I wasn't able to pick up super neutral or usable shades though. Many of mine are dark blacks, purples or burnt red colors and they just don't suit everyday makeup. However I like to rock these if I'm going out for a special dinner or out somewhere nice and I really want my eye makeup to stand out. The other thing I have tried and obviously loved are the famous Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil's, these are amazing. I use Milk every single day as an eyeshadow base over my primer but under my actually shadows and this stuff stays like a dream. There super creamy and really pigmented and I find them to blend over the eye lid very well.The only thing I find is if I put on to much product it can crease on my lids, so I would be carefully to really blend the product out when applying it. 

The last area I'm going to talk about it the lip category. I again really don't have many products from the lip section either but the ones I've been able to pick up are extremely great quality. Many of my lip products I was actually able to purchase from Cherry Culture over a year or so ago when they were really stocking NYX products, you can still find some on their website but the selection is limited. I'm going to start off by saying the Butter Glosses are some of the best lipglosses I have ever tried. I don't usually wear a whole lot of lipgloss but when I do its most likely the lovely Butter Glosses, just because the package is so cute and I find that they last a long time on my lips and for a lipgloss there quite pigmented. The only other lip product I've really tried from NYX Cosmetics is their Round Lipsticks, which I feel are really under-rated in the beauty community because I think they are a really fantastic formula, and they have an amazing shade range. The only issue I have with these is I want more! I find that the NYX Cosmetics and Beauty Joint or other warehouse type of websites don't show the colors of the lip products very well and in all honest when purchasing some of my lipsticks shades I really had to do a lot of research on the colors or just go with it and hope I got the color and liked it. Another good thing is they do sell these at Target, but I find its a very limited selection and they tend to be really funny colors, like bright reds and orange colors which I don't typically wear.

Overall NYX Cosmetics has got there act together and is constantly producing so many new and unique products in there line. My wishlist for there products is forever growing and I hope that I can get my hands on some of there products in the future because I really enjoying supporting NYX as a company but also because I think for a drugstore price range their products are extremely good quality. Don't forget to leave your comments down below telling me what your favorite or least favorite products are and if you know of anywhere here in Canada that NYX Cosmetics can be purchased!

What are your favorite NYX Cosmetics product(s)?

You can find Krystal here:-

Make sure you go and check out her blog and some of her amazing graphic design work!

Emily xx

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