Lifestyle | Sunday at the Volkswagen Rally

Today I thought I would share with you some photos from my day at the Volkswagen Rally on Sunday as something a little different to feature on my blog.  Lifestyle posts have been a rare occurrence recently so I wanted to do a few more for you!

I only took pictures of beetles as they are the only things that really interested me! They had a few camper vans too, but nothing that really amazed me. My favourite was the pink beetle, which I am determined to own one day! It looks so vintage and pretty, I would definitely call it Betty if it was ever mine! I also saw a pug in a little pull-along car which made my day! His little face was so cute and he looked so funny!

The weather wasn't brilliant, but we had fun walking round and looking at everything and going for a long walk on the beach.  When I get my beetle when I pass my driving test, I will definitely bring it to this, as it was such a fun day out and they really do attract a lot of attention! Plus, it is all for charity which makes it all that little bit better!

I know its only a short post today, but I just thought I would give you something a little bit different to my usual makeup babble! I hope you all enjoyed :)

Emily xx

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