The Sunday Edit #86

This week has been busy yet again, college work is really starting to pick up, as well as some very exciting bits going on in my other work life!

I've been brainstorming quite a lot this week for blogposts for Autumn and working really hard on college work (hence the lack of post Wednesday). I have also managed to bag myself another job! I've worked for next before as a temporary employee, but I have now landed myself a permanent position which I have an induction for Tuesday and I start officially on Wednesday which I am really excited about! It's not very many hours and obviously I'm not gonna be earning a huge amount of money, but it's enough to keep my car on the road and make me able to treat myself now and again! My life is about to get a whole lot busier with college work, my blog and obviously now my new job so I'm going to be hella busy over the next few months. Things are also getting busy with GRLPOWR, with our chats becoming a huge success and we are all currently working on organising a huge bloggers event in London next summer. I am a brand ambassador so my role is to get in touch with brands and ask them if they'd like to be involved, whether that be donating products for goody bags, sending out spokespeople for talks for bloggers, or bringing along a stand and some employees to sell products and give demos. I'm currently in the process of making a spreadsheet of brands that we would love to have on board which is keeping me very busy at the moment!

Today has been spent catching up on college work, writing some blogposts and working on the GRLPOWR event. I've been drinking chai lattes no stop all day (my new addiction) and I've been very productive so I'm feeling quite chuffed with myself. I've ticked off a lot of my to do list, so I'll definitely be done in time for the GRLPOWR chat tonight! Make sure you're there at 9pm on Twitter!
I'm also now perusing coconut lane for a pretty new laptop case, after borrowing my nan's macbook for a few weeks, my laptop has finally gone in to be repaired and will be ready to pick up on Monday so I'm treating it to a pretty new case! The marble ones are really appealing to me at the moment, I'm still debating whether to go for the grey marble hard case or to get the blush marble skin and put a clear hard case over the top. Decisions, decisions!

You should expect to see 2/3 posts from me this week, depending on how my scheduling goes. An extra 1/2 posts should make up for what I missed last week when I was mega busy! Things are a little up in the air at the minute in regards to my schedule because I just don't know what will pop up around the corner, but hopefully I'll be able to get into a proper routine soon so I'll be able to be more confident with my scheduling and know exactly how much time I'll have and exactly what I'll have to do.

I hope you've all had a lovely week, let me know what you've been up to!

Emily xx

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