The Sunday Edit #84


I was going back through my old blog photos the other day and found this - how pretty is this lipstick?!

This week has been busy af! I've had so much work to catch up on becasue I have been away on holiday for so long. I've either been working on blog things, working on bits and pieces for our GRLPOWR project or doing my college summer tasks that are due in next week and I've left to the last minute yet again! I've been pretty much sat in front of the computer or on my phone all week, but it hasn't been too bad, I enjoy keeping busy! GRLPOWR has been a huge success this week, we have done 2 chats already and they have done absolutely amazing, our hashtag trendeed 2nd in the country on Tuesday! It was absolutely crazy, and I hosted Thursday night which was quite nerve wracking because I had never hosted a chat before. It went absolutely amazingly, our hashtag trended again and it was extremely successful! I couldn't keep up with the amount of people who were getting involved, it was mind blowing but I thoroughly enjoyed it! The topi was positivity and happiness and I was thrilled to see that it had helped so many people with whatever they are going through at the moment. I also did my first sponsored post this week which was mega exciting, and I've also been buying lots of new bits and bobs for going back to college to make it a little less painful. I really can't believe that we are in September already, it seems like just yesterday when I broke up from college on 1st July and now a whole two months has passed! The time is going by way too fast and it's scaring me, before I know it, it'll be December and I'll be 18 years of age. Full on adult, like what the hell?! Mentally I'm still 7, it's completely mind blowing that in just under 3 months time, I'll be a legal adult with responsibilities. I'm not sure I'm ready for all this!

Seeing as I am back to college on Monday, I've had to rejig my scheduling a little bit to give me enough time to keep on top of everythign so I don't get too overwhelmed. I took on way too much last year and really stressed myself out, so I want to avoid that this year and allow myself time to get everything done and make sure it's done well. My new schedule will be a new post every Wednesday and Sunday, with the occasional Friday post when I've got time. The Wednesday posts will be beauty/fashion related and the Sunday posts will be my usual 'The Sunday Edit' to update you on everything that is going on! I hope that's ok for all of you, obviously I would love to keep my schedule of 4 posts a week, but realistically I don't think its possible to be putting out 4 posts a week, keeping on top of college work, dancing and also having a bit of time to myself! The last thing I want is for either my blog or my college work to suffer because I've run out of time, so I think cutting down the amount of times I post on my blog will help to keep everything running smoothly and stop my little brain exploding!

I hope you have all had a lovely week, let me know what you've been up to and what your plans are for the next week! If you're starting something new, then I wish you luck and I hope you enjoy every minute of it. If there are any posts you'd like to see from me, then be sure to let me know, if I'm putting out less content then I want to make sure that they are things that you'll look forward to and want to read! Thank you for your continued support, it's greatly appreciated!

Emily xx

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