The Sunday Edit #85

Well I messed up scheduling my posts this week so they didn't go up when they were meant to and I have only just noticed this morning! I have fixed them now, so my monthly round up and some information on a guest post that I recently did are all up where they should be! Honestly, I am such a donut!

Anyways, everything has been back to normal this week, back to college and back to working non stop! It's been a little stressful but not too bad, so many things have changed which aren't particularly good but I'm fairly content at the moment. I seem to be managing the work load fairly well at the minute and I'm not too stressed, just taking each day as it comes. I have so many breaks at college so I can take my laptop and get some blogging stuff done or any college work that needs to be done which is great, dropping a subject has given plenty more time to get stuff done which I think has made me feel much better and much more confident about this year.

Plans for this week include getting some more posts written up and scheduled for the next few weeks, planning some new and exciting content, testing out some PR samples ready for review and getting all of my college work done and hopefully try to get ahead so it makes my workload a little lighter over the next few weeks.

I don't really have a lot to say this week, I'm sat here with a complete blank mind! Make sure you check out the posts from this week if you missed them, you can find my monthly roundup here and a short little snippet of information on a very interesting post I wrote for ToniGeorgiaxo here.

Let me know how your week has been and what you're up to!

Emily xx

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