Friday Fashion Favourites #2 - Jelly Shoes ❤

You either love these, or you hate them and I for one love them! 

Everyone seems to have gone mad for Jelly shoes lately and I think they add a very beachy/summery feel to any outfit.  I find them really easy to dress up or down and I think they are quite cool!

I have a pink pair and a white pair from Peacocks and they are only £10 each!  I have really been enjoying wearing these for the past week and I think I may try and hunt down some more colours.  I have seen a black, a mint green and a red on ebay so I think I may look into buying those.

The only bad thing about these shoes is that they are extremely uncomfortable and the plastic rubs your feet and causes quite a few blisters but it's nothing a plaster can't fix, my feet are currently covered in them!

What do you think of Jelly shoes?

Emily xx

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