No Rain, No Flowers

As you may have noticed, I've been a collecting a little bunch of cute quotes that I've been putting in my Sunday posts and occasionally posting on Instagram. I was perusing Pinterest and Google Images picking out some of my favourites when I stumbled across this and I just sort of paused for thought and realised I could relate to it so much. It changed my outlook a little bit and made me realise that instead of being such a miserable mare every time something bad happens to me and then moan about it, just accept it and grow and blossom from it.
Once I thought about it, I grabbed my Dot Creates Blog Planner (post coming soon, this thing is a god send) and jotted down all the things that were going through my mind.

My good friend Charleigh and I were discussing something that happened last Saturday which I won't go into because otherwise it makes it look like it's an aimed post and I'll get a load of stick for it. But we were talking and she said 'you do not deserve this, you're the sweetest little flower and they can take their pesticides, my little flower will continue to grow' (she then went on to diss me about my height but I'll let her off because what she said was otherwise very sweet). It made me think, if you throw pesticides on flowers enough, they eventually become resistant and reproduce and grow and blossom twice as much and twice as beautiful (GCSE science come through). So I applied that to life, if you continue to throw negativity at me enough, I'll eventually become resistant to it and be able to just let it bounce off me, and soon enough I'll spring back even better than before. I've decided that's its time for me to start thriving on negativity. I'm so fed up of being miserable and letting every little thing bother me, it's time to rise above it and get on with my life and focus on me. I will not spend my life taking rubbish from other people and having them constantly making life difficult for me. Whatever I do, I'll have someone give me stick for it and I can't change that, but what I can change is the way I handle it. I've learned to accept that I can't please everyone and no matter what I do, someone will always have a problem with me and that's ok because that's just life.

I'm trying to convince myself that good things will always come after the bad times and I just have to persevere on through and come out the other side even better than before. I have more important things to focus on; my education, my career, my job, my family, my friends (though there are very few of them, they're the best bunch of people I could ask for), my blog and all the other important, positive things in my life. There is no point stressing over something that can't be changed no matter how much I moan about it, it is what it is and it's time I just accept that and turn my attention to it. I will not have my peace and happiness ruined by people who feel the need to do everything in their power to get me down, I need to blossom and grow into a beautiful peony to show them that they're wasting their time. Life is too short to concern yourself with negative people and negative vibes.

I've rambled enough so I'll leave you lovely flowers to enjoy your evening. This is the new (not really new just improved, less moany and annoying, if you will) Emily signing off.

Emily xx

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