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Now you're probably sick to death of hearing me go on about this blog planner, but I can assure you my love for this is not unjustified. I first saw the hype on Twitter emerging over this Blog Planner so I did some investigating and discovered that the Dot Creates Blog Planner Notepad is only £5. Yes you read that right, £5. I have been on the hunt for the perfect blog planner throughout my entire blogging career and I could never find one that suited my needs that was under £15. But alas, I have completed my quest and I couldn't be more thrilled.
This has played a crucial part in me getting my life together, before I used one planner for EVERYTHING. Literally all of my college work blog posts/ideas and all my work hours plus life bits and bobs were all crammed into one planner and it was just organised chaos. Since receiving this in the mail only 3 days after I placed my order, I've been organised af and have felt so much better about life. This planner is the perfect thing for organising each post so you can ensure you have put everything into it that you wanted to. You can write the date of publishing as well as the date the idea popped into your head, the title and then you have a huge space to jot down all the little notes that you want to incorporate in the post. Then once you are done planning the content, you have a little to do list at the bottom to make sure you don't miss any of the most important components out. Once you have ticked all 3 boxes at the bottom, your post is ready to go! I've found this so handy and I can honestly see myself going through a whole bunch of these - I may need to bulk order!

I also couldn't help myself when I saw these stickers, I didn't need them at all but I thought they would look so cute stuck on my weekly planner which I showed you in my post on Saturday about how to be more productive when working from home which you can find here.  As you may have noticed from my Sunday posts, I've been really into motivational quotes and little things to just remind you why you're doing certain things. I'm such a sucker for cute little things like this, and at £1.20 they were practically a steal.

The service and shipping from Dot Creates was outstanding. I ordered these bits and bobs late on 26th October and they dropped through my letter box on 29th, beautifully packaged in a bubble wrap envelope so they didn't get damaged or bent. Danielle (the founder of Dot Creates and also a blogger) even popper in a little hand written note from her, thanking me for my order which I thought was such a lovely touch! Overall, I have nothing but praise for my entire experience with Dot Creates and I will definitely be purchasing more from the website in the near future. Next on my list to buy are these 'Life is better in rose gold' prints here because rose gold is everything, and I'm also lusting after these Gold Foil Pencils. I may even make a wish list post in the future, because if I'm honest I'd quite like to order 90% of the site.

Have you had a gander around the Dot Creates website? I strongly advise that you do, you won't be disappointed!

Emily xx

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