The Sunday Edit #92

I think this photo perfectly sums up how I've been feeling this week.  I've had a very productive week indeed, I've fully caught up with college work and I actually am slightly ahead, I've completely cleared out my room and thrown as much as I could away so that I can declutter everything and start to change things up with some new furniture and decor because I'm a bit bored with it at the moment. I've also been working really hard on my blog, I've been photographing things for upcoming posts, sorting through and trying out PR samples ready for reviews and I also did a sponsored post yesterday which is also really exciting. I initially was going to decline because I didn't feel like it fitted in with my blog at all but I already had a post in mind that I was going to do anyway and it ended up fitting in nicely. If you missed it, you can find my post all about how to be more productive when working from home here. I feel like since I got a decent blog planner (which you can read more about on Wednesday so keep your eyes peeled) I've really been able to get organised and step up my blogging game which has made me immensely happy.

As you may have seen on my social media, I went to a charity event on Friday that my friend organised and it was such an amazing night. It was all in aid of cancer research and a huge sum of money was raised for the amazing cause which was fantastic. It was such a good night and I think most people that went really enjoyed themselves. Another exciting thing that happened this week is I got an email on Friday inviting me for an interview with Benefit Cosmetics! I have been dying to work for benefit for almost 2 years and I had applied multiple times with little success, but I've finally got an interview so I will work as hard as possible to try and secure myself a position on their amazing team. I would work for Benefit alongside my other job which is only one day a week and with college, which is a fairly big commitment but I would be earning really good money which will be very handy indeed! I'll be able to run my car, save up for next years insurance and save for an iMac which is next on my list to purchase and still have quite a lot left over to treat myself with. I'm so excited, this could hopefully be the start of something fabulous! The last exciting thing that happened this week is my friend Chloe finally passed her driving test, it's been a long time coming so I am so pleased for her that she finally managed to do it!

Overall, this week has been very productive and exciting, and I have a few things planned for this week which will hopefully make this week just as good. Things are finally looking up and I couldn't be happier!

I hope you too have had an amazing week and hopefully this week will be great for you too!

Emily xx

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