The Sunday Edit #90

This week has flown by, yet again. I feel like I say this every week but it really is true, time goes by so quickly I just can't keep up! This week has been dance show week as I mentioned last week and it has been amazing as always, I'm so exhausted now but it was totally worth every second! There's nothing like the buzz you get when you're dancing in front of an amazing audience who do nothing but sing your praises, it's the reason I'm still dancing 14 years on from when I first started! Another thing came to an end this weekend, the caravan shuts tomorrow for the winter and we have just got home, which is a bit sad but hopefully the winter will fly by and we will be going back in no time! I have a lot of things planned for this winter so hopefully I'll keep myself occupied so the winter doesn't drag too much. I miss not going away every weekend, I'm so lucky to have a place where I can escape every weekend to just relax after a tough week, not to mention the absolutely lovely people who I've met down there. It's sad saying good bye to them for 5 months but at least we keep in touch.

This week was great up until Saturday when I yet again had to deal with a load of hate from someone who barely knows me, trying to talk me down and saying that I lie about everything and apparently offend them by discussing my life on my Facebook and blah blah blah. Well jokes on them because I have a list of blog post ideas in front of me that it has inspired me to write so if you're reading this (which you probably are because I've blocked you on everything else and this is your only way of seeing what I have to say) I'd just like to thank you because not only has it helped me to change some things in my life and realise that there are a whole bunch of people that I need to get out of my life, but I have a whole bunch of blog content to come out of it! Quite a result if you ask me, but you'll no longer see these little people getting attention from me so this should be the last you ever hear of them.

Onto something a bit more fun, I finally mastered the perfect smoothie recipe this week and it is honestly life changing. My parents bought this huge box of fruit and veg for £15 and had it delivered so I've been trying to help them use it all up and I thought smoothies were the perfect way. The smoothie I made was an iced strawberry and banana one, I was trying to make one similar to the McDonald's ones because they're amazing but I didn't quite manage that, but this one was still good. I may do a blogpost on the recipe if that's something you'd be interested in, something a little different to my usual beauty, fashion and moaning posts. 

Another fabulous thing that happened this week was pay day, and if you follow me on Instagram you'll have seen that treated myself to a few bits. Having a car and debts means I've had to learn to be careful and sensible with my money and budget at quite a young age which I think is great because I'm fully prepared for adult life. I think I may do a post on budgeting and tips and tricks for managing your money in the near future because I think those of you reading this who are perhaps at Uni or are paying mortgages, loans, car finance etc would find it hopefully of some use.

This week has been relatively lazy which I'm a bit miffed about but also kind of grateful for. Miffed because I had a lot of stuff I wanted to get done this week, I wasn't set any college work so I just wanted to sort out all my paperwork from the previous term, perhaps do a bit of revision and just make sure I'm up to date on everything so I don't feel like I'm being swamped. That didn't happen, nor did all the blogposts that wanted to get done because I have had no motivation where I have been so exhausted. On the bright side, I think a nice relaxing break has done me good so I won't run out of steam before I get to the end of the next term, if I would've worked hard all week I wouldn't have had any break and would've completely had enough by mid-november so perhaps it was a blessing.  I also had a lot of holiday that I hadn't taken at work so I booked the week off which has also been great. I still have two days left to get a few things done, and then I'm back to college AND work on Wednesday all in one day. Wednesdays are such a killer because I'm up at 6:30 to drive to college, then I'm in college until 12:10 and then I have 35 minutes to eat and get to work for my shift at 12:45 and then I work until 8. I always sleep well on a Wednesday night because I'm exhausted from college, work and also dancing on a Tuesday night leaves me aching and tired too! Ah well, such is life. Not complaining though, because without my job, I would have hardly any money, my car wouldn't be on the road and I also wouldn't have the amazing little family who I work with. I'm so lucky to work with such amazing and supportive people, they've really helped me over the past month which was a pretty tough one. I felt so accepted by them when I first started working there and we all just bonded so well.

I'm actually so excited for Halloween tomorrow, I have no plans but Halloween just gets me so excited because deep down I'm still a 7 year old child! My friends, Libby and Rachael are coming round tomorrow so I can do Libby's makeup for her Halloween party tomorrow night so expect some photos of a very cute little Tinkerbell all over my social media tomorrow.

I think that's all I have to ramble on about today, let me know what you're doing for halloween and what you're dressing up as! I hope you've had a fabulous half term and hopefully going back this week isn't too painful for you!

Emily xx

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