The End of a Chapter

Something a little more lifestylish today, I thought I would share with you the end of a very important chapter in my life, the end of secondary school. 

As mentioned previously, Friday 22nd May 2015 was my very last day at school before going on study leave.  It was a very emotional day for all of us, a lot of my friends are going on apprenticeships or going to different colleges which means that we will very rarely see each other which will be really strange as we have been inseparable for the past 5 years.   Not only have I left behind friends, but I’ve left behind some teachers who I was very fond of.  Two in particular really, I refer to them as my ‘school mums’ as I know I can talk to them about almost anything and they’ll always be there when I need a good moan about something.  They have such lovely personalities and are just some of the nicest people I have met, so leaving them behind was very hard.  Without them, I never would have got my nickname, Little Em!  As hard as it is to have to go, it’s something I will have to do eventually.  Although I don’t want to say goodbye, I will never be able to explore new places and new people and be able to better myself to pursue my chosen career path.  College will be a new experience for me, and hopefully one that I will enjoy and get a lot from.  Let me know your experiences with leaving school, it is a big thing to go through so I would like to know how you got on.

Emily xx

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