The Sunday Edit #54

Sneak peek of an upcoming post!

This week has been a bit more chilled, it was mostly revision but it wasn’t as stressful because I have plenty of time to get stuff done!  

Thursday night, we went to see Jersey Boys at the Bristol Hippodrome and it was amazing! I was so glad to get out and take a break from revision and do something that I enjoy.  It really helped me and I was ready to go back to it Friday which I was glad about.  I also went to Weston-Super-Mare shopping yesterday for a bit of retail therapy and picked up a few bits from essence which I have used twice so far and I am very impressed with, along with a new background for my blog photos which I saw featured in one of Magpie Jasmine’s blogposts a while ago. I may do a whole post on DIY photography backgrounds because I for one know that it isn't easy to find a decent one.  I purchased a marble one like you see on all the high ranking blogs, so I can pretend I have a beautiful marble work surface when really it is just a roll of sticky back plastic with a pattern on it! Some of my future blogposts will be featuring photos on this background so look out for that!

I am writing this blogpost in my revision break, as I have 3 exams this week.  I have history tomorrow, maths thursday and biology friday, so with that being said I hope you all have a lovely week and enjoy the lovely weather at the end of it (fingers crossed).  I am off now to finish revision on public health from 1948-the present day, oh the joys!

Emily xx

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