As promised yesterday, I would do a post on my prom! I have included a few of the many pictures that were taken on the night and I thought I would talk you through my outfit.  I will be doing a separate post at some point on my makeup as I am yet to get the other pictures from my dads camera which have some better pictures of my makeup.

Starting with nails, as you can see from the picture above they are quite plain and simple really! I got natural acrylics painted with gel polish.  This was the only shade they had which went with my dress, I originally wanted nude but they didn't have any which was a little disappointing but I still love these!  I may do a whole post on acrylics once I have had them for quite a while as I know many people like to learn of other people's experience before getting them theirselves.

I got my hair done into an elegant twisted bun with a little bit of volume at the top and some small curls hanging down. I wanted something quite simple as the dress was pretty full on so i didn't want the attention to be taken away from it or for it to look too much. I didn't do this myself, I got my hair dresser to do it as I don't fancy myself as much of a hair stylist, and for an occasion like this you won't everything to be on point *inserts sassy emoji*.

The most important thing was obviously the dress! I first saw this dress on Dylanqueen but managed to get it on eBay for just a fraction of the price! Just type in cream prom dress on google or eBay and it will come up! It has a silver sequinned top with a strip of jewels round the middle and then a slightly puffy net skirt with sequins that almost fade down and spread like a gradient.  It is such  beautiful dress but the only issues I did have were the fact that it was way too long and needed to be taken up and the sequins also cut under my arms which have been quite sore for the last few days.  My shoes and clutch were both from next.   They complimented the dress perfectly without being too much which I loved! The shoes were surprisingly comfortable considering they were so high, but they did make my legs ache after a while! I am also glad that the glitter didn't come off these every where.

For jewellery, my sister made my necklace and my earrings are from Matalan.  They almost look sort of leaf like with diamonds and I thought they looked very sophisticated and suited the occasion well.  Lastly, I wore my pandora bracelet and my Michael Kors watch as they are the only silver wrist wear that I own and gold just didn't look right! I also wore my pandora rings that I got of my 16th birthday!

I had a fab night and I got plenty of photos with all my friends and some of my favourite teachers! I hope you enjoyed reading this and having a nose at all my pictures! I will put even more up on my Facebook page which is linked in my social media page, or you can type in Emily Faye's Little World to find me!

Emily xx

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