The Sunday Edit #57

This week has been rather chaotic and eventful! So much has happened which I will be discussing in this post!

As you will already know if you read the Sunday Edit last week, it was my prom on Thursday.  I have spent all week preparing for that which was stressful but very exciting! I went to get my nails done Tuesday, tanned myself and then got my hair cut and dyed wednesday (I went for balayage instead of ombre this time!) and then I got my hair put up on Thursday because hair styling really isn't my forte!   It was such an amazing night and I loved every minute of it, definitely a night to remember and it was lovely to see everyone from school again.  I will have a full post on my prom up tomorrow with full details on my outfit, makeup etc.

I also had my pre-enrolment day at college on Friday which actually wasn't as bad as I had anticipated.  I had been dreading it all week but I actually enjoyed the taster sessions I had for the subjects I have chosen and I feel slightly more comfortable with starting in September which I am glad about! I was so tired though, after not getting home until 1 in the morning after prom and then doing a full day from 8:30-4:00 in college!

Onto a quite sad note, I'm sure most of you will have heard about the tragic loss of life in the blogging community over the past few days.  Carly lovett who ran the blog 'CeeJayEll' was sadly caught up in the Tunisia attacks on Friday which is deeply saddening. Though I didn't know Carly personally, I had read her blog and communicated through twitter so it was quite a shock.  Including this in a blog post is quite controversial at the moment as people who have written about her in blogposts have faced a lot of hatred and have been accused of using this topic as a way to increase blog traffic.  Obviously if this is their intention, then that is just despicable behaviour but there are some people who are genuinely saddened by this weeks events and would like to show their support and respect for her loved ones.  I think it is lovely that so many people have shown so much support for her family and friends and the blogging community have recognised her as someone who will be truly missed.  On that note, I would just like to say that from what I knew of Carly, she was an extremely lovely lady and this tragic loss of life has really shaken up the blogging community.

I hope you have all had a lovely week and I would like to finish off by saying that my thoughts are with everyone affected by this weeks tragic events and I wish you all well!

Emily xx

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