The Sunday Edit #55

This post is up a day late because I forgot to press publish yesterday, my bad! This week has been exam and revision filled as per usual! I have had 3 exams this week and I have 4 next week, thrilling! I have 9 left altogether so I am around half way through now!

I have had no time to myself all week, just constant revision all the time and I am seriously exhausted.  We  did get some amusement out of the edexcel maths exam, as I’m sure most of you would have heard about on social media! Hannah and her bloody sweets! I’m actually quite pleased with myself at the fact that I actually did that question and got the right answer!  Some of the other questions were absolutely hideous though so hopefully they lower the grade boundaries so that I can get my target grade!

As you may have noticed, this weeks blogposts have been pre-written.  My last one goes up tomorrow which means there may not be a post until the end of next week.  I am kicking myself now because I really should have prepared a little more in advance and got more blogposts written up for the exam season.  I didn’t quite anticipate how busy I’d be so I’m afraid I wasn't prepared! I will know for next year now to get some more blogposts pre-written  to cover the whole of exam period.  My last exam is 19th June so hopefully that will be when my next posts goes up, but if I have some spare time before that then I will be sure to get something up for you!  I have so many posts ready to be written but no time to get them up for you!

Anyways, I have some revision to get back to so I hope that you have had a lovely week and are enjoying the lovely weather!

Emily xx

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