A Match Made in Mascara Heaven?

Layering mascaras has never really been my thing, I have always found it to make my lashes too clumpy and two spidery so I tend to steer clear of it.  I can't remember where I heard it, but I heard that 'Roller Lash' and 'They're Real' go brilliantly together so I thought I would give it a go, after all, they are 2 of my favourite mascaras so why not use them together?! I was stunned with the amount of length and volume I got when I layered these, my mum even accused me of having false lashes on! I curled my lashes and applied one generous coat of Roller lash and before it dried, I added a generous layer of they're real and my lashes looked phenomonal.  Not only did they look amazing, but they held a curl all day and nothing flaked underneath my eyes!  This has really opened up a can of worms now, and all you're gonna here me go on about is which mascaras I have been layering recently! It has definitely encouraged me to try layering products more often, creating my own custom formulas and seeing which products work well together and which don't! It has also spurred me to mix foundations as you saw in a post last week!

Which mascaras/products do you like using together?

Emily xx

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