My New Favourite Lip Product

Step aside Mac Peach Blossom, there is a new favourite in town! Mac never fail to please me with their lip products and this one is certainly no exception.  Since I received their Boldly Bare Lip Pencil  in the post on Tuesday, it has been used on an every day lipstick and has been paired with various other lip products.  It is a beautiful (blogger cliche incoming) 'My lips but better' colour that can be worn in so many ways! You can overdraw your lips with it, line them and blend it out, fill in your whole lips, wear it under lipstick or over! The possibilities are endless!

Formula wise, the pigmentation is perfect and it lasts all day, even through eating and drinking.  It is slightly drying but I wouldn't expect anything different from a lip liner.  My favourite way to wear it is to slightly overdraw my lips and fill them in, and then layer my Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in the shade 'Boy' over the top to give a little bit more moisture into my lips and mask any dry patches that inevitably come from wearing drying lip products on a daily basis!

Overall, this is a fantastic product and I honestly don't think that £12.50 is that much considering how much product you get and the quality of the product.  This will last me a really long time and I am in love with it! Definitely a worthy investment!

What are your favourite lip pencils?

Emily xx

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