The Sunday Edit #83

Happy Sunday! This week has been pretty chilled, but a lot of exciting things have happened! As you will have seen in Friday's post, I am working on a project with 30 other bloggers called GRLPOWR, where we host chats, support each other and do everything we can to spread positivity and help us all to grow and better our blogs. We have a Blog, Twitter and Instagram set up so make sure you follow those, you can find the links on my Twitter and in my post from Friday!

I've also had a lot exciting packages arrive this week, so expect some exciting things coming up very soon! My blog has grown such a lot over the last week as well as all of my social media, so thank you to all of you who have joined in my little online space! It's very rewarding to see that people are appreciating my work and enjoy the content I put out, I set this little blog up as something I could do in my spare time, I didn't even expect to get 1 reader so I am genuinely shocked by the amount of people who follow me and read every single post of mine! A huge thank you to all of you, hopefully I'll be able to hold a giveaway in the future so that I can give something back to all of you loyal readers!

I hope you have all had a lovely week, and let me know what you will be getting up to over the bank holiday weekend, I'd love to know! I'm currently away in my caravan so I am chilling as much as I can, bracing myself for going back to college on 5th September! Let me know what you'll be up to in September, whether you're still in school, going to college or perhaps you're off to Uni or starting a new job, I'd love to know!

Emily xx

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