July Favourites | 2016

Alas, my very long awaited July favourites! It seems like its been forever since I last posted a monthly favourites.... well to be honest it feels like it's been forever since I've posted at all! Alot of techonological issues have stopped me in my tracks when it comes to blogging - all will be revealed in The Sunday Edit, which you might have guessed will be up on Sunday. Anyways, I'm back again, and hopefully for good this time! Now I'm going to stop talking rubbish and get on with it!

First up is the Kylie Lip Kit in Candy K which you may have seen me post about a few weeks ago. I did a first impressions which you can find here and I have been raving about it on social media quite a bit. In my first impressions, I mentioned that it was comparable to the Sleek Matte Me Lipgloss which I've now discovered is actually not the case now I have had more chance to trial both products out. I think the liquid lipstick is definitley more comparable to the Matte Liquid Paints which are from a brand that is new to me - Coloured Raine (More on these very soon). I find the Sleek ones are a little thicker in texture and wear very differently to the Kylie ones, more on those very soon as well! I would say that the liner is definitely comparable to the Essence ones, very creamy, extremely pigmented and glide on very smoothly. I think this is pretty much my most worn lip product this month, there certainly weren't many days where you wont have seen me wearing this! The formula is a dream, the colour is the perfect pinky nude and it pretty much goes with whatever outfit or makeup look I choose for that day, whatever I might be doing.

Next we have pretty much my favourite thing in the entire world, the Anastasia Glow Kit in Gleam+. I have never glowed so much in my life, the formula of these powders are so creamy, butter and pigmented, they are just a dream to work with. The glitter particles are so finely milled that you really do have a beautiful glowy sheen rather than sparkles, which in my opinion is the perfect formula for a highlighter. This kit contains 4 decently sized pans, each very pinky toned in colour and being fairly versatile for most skin tones. This palette comes in at £39, which is a little on the pricey side, but I do think for the size of the pans you are pretty much getting 4 full size highlighters for that money in one sleek and sturdy palette, and for the quality I think just under £10 each isnt to be sniffed out. If you want to see a full, in-depth review and swatches, then keep your eyes peeled over the next few weeks!

As you can probably tell, I'm quite into Highlighter. My second favourite highlighting product of the month is the Sleek Highlighter Eye Palette in Solstice. So many people have raved about this product, and I can totally see why everyone loves it. The palette is very versatile, I use it as both eyeshadow and highlighter as the name would suggest and it is such a fabulous product to have in your collection. This again has 4 pans, a lot more compact and travel-friendly than the Anastasia Beverly Hills offering. In this kit, you get 3 powders and one cream. Sleek have absolutely nailedthe formula of these, they are very intense and pigmented, but you are able to apply a small amount if you prefer to go for a more subtle look. Again, if you want to see a full, in-depth review and swatches, keep your eyes peeled over the next couple of weeks!

The next product goes hand in hand with the Glow Kit and the Solstice Palette, the Morphe M501 Pro Pointed Blender Brush has swiftly replaced my Real Techniques Setting Brush to become my new favourite highlighter brush. After seeing Jaclyn Hill rave about this, I just knew it had to be mine. If it's good enough for Jaclyn, it's good enough for me! At £6.25, this brush is a total bargain. It is the perfect size to apply product precisely where you want it, whether that my highlighter, setting powder or maybe even contour. It gets into all those hard-to-reach places and blends product beautifully and seamlessly. The bristles are very soft for such an affordable brush, and I haven't notices any shedding at all! This one is definitely a winner.

Following the Contour and Highlighting theme, after hearing a whole lot about the L.A. Girl Pro Conceal HD Concealer I decided to give it a whirl. I ordered two of them, one in the shade Classic Ivory (which is the lightest shade might I add) for highlighting and then the one I'm talking about today in Toast for contouring. The lightest shade is sooooooooo dark and orange, I used this when I was fake tanned af, and it was too dark to even use to cover up blemishes instead of highlighting, so I gave it to my sister who is alot darker than me, and even she says its a little dark! As I've already mentioned, I use the shade Toast to contour my face. This is also maybe a little dark and I couldve definitely got away with a lighter shade, but I can work with this. A little goes along way, one little squeeze will contour my entire face and still leave me with enough to use for next time. The tube is a squeezy one with a little brush on the end, making it so easy to draw in where you want your contour and making it as precise as possible. I draw some crosses in a line under my cheekbones, sweep a line down the sides of my nose, under my bottom lip, on the deepest part of my cupids bow and along my jawline. It blends beautifully, and looks like an almost airbrushed contour. I blend it in using the Seventeen cheek brush on my cheekbones and jawline and then I use the Real Techniques Base shadow brush for the sides of my nose and all of the smaller areas. I also make sure I go over this with my Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge to make sure everything is blended seamlessly.

Last but not least, I've been seriously impressed with the Essence Eyeliner Pen. This is definitely similar to the Soap and Glory Supercat Eyeliner Pen but for a third of the price. It's thin tip makes sharp wings and precise lines so much easier, and eases the struggle of winged liner quite a bit. It doesn't flake or smudge throughout the day, nor does it fade. The pigmentation is incredible and I don't find it to be too watery which is an issue I have with quite a few liquid liners. It is a brilliant product, my only issue being, it isn't the slightest bit waterproof so even the tiniest little splash adn it'll be all down your face. However, it doesn't claim to be waterproof and for £2, I can't really complain!

What have been your favourites throughout the month?

Emily xx

+ Cult beauty was down at the time of writing this post, so I was unable to link the Glow Kit, however I will add in a link as soon as it is back up and running!

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