The Sunday Edit #26

My Dream Dressing Table!

Can you believe I have already done half a year of Sunday Posts?! Time is flying by and we are getting nearer and nearer to my 16th birthday which is in 16 days time funnily enough!

The past couple of days I have been thinking about what I want for my birthday and have created quite an extensive list! I am going to narrow it down and create a little wish list which will hopefully be up a week or so before my birthday!

This week I have really been taking my revision timetable seriously! The past couple of weeks I have been slacking a bit and at this stage, I really don't have time to waste so I have been tough on myself and have stuck to my timetable all week.  I'm quite proud of myself actually because I never stick to things like this, similar to the 30 day squat challenge! I got to day 2 and gave up! I got all of todays revision done and out of the way so I can have a free day today!

Today I am having quite a fun day, I am going in town with my mum to get my Michael Kors bag *squeals* for my birthday and going to get some more bits from lush and hopefully a few festive yankee candles!

I hope you have all had a lovely week!

Emily xx

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