My New Favourite Red Lip

I have never been one for a red lip, I always found them way too bold and out there and really just thought they were a faff, which I suppose demonstrates my ridiculously lazy personality.  I was doing the usual, scouring the aisles of boots, picking up bits and bobs that I don't need but want nonetheless when I stumbled across these.  This is quite possible the best thing I have worn on my lips since my obsession with my Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in 'boy'.

The Maybelline Color Drama Lip Pencil in the shade 'Light it up' is the perfect red for my 'Casper the friendly ghost' complexion. Pale girls can generally get away with most shades of red but I am very particular about my reds so it is hard for me to find one that I immediately fall in love with.  I also wear a lot of reds and burgundies through the colder months so I am pleased to say this is a red that will go with anything without clashing.  I mentioned this product in my Friday Face Off #1 post a couple of weeks ago and I love to wear it with a simple matte eye, a flick of liner and overall just a simple look.

The colour of this is perfect, it really is a true red that doesn't sway too pink or orange.  It is slightly blue toned but not too much and it makes your teeth look so white.  It really brightens up your smile and makes you look very sophisticated and glamorous.  The formula of these are very similar to the Nars satin lip pencils, or so I'm told.  I have never actually tried them so I can't really compare but they glide on so smoothly and are highly pigmented, they are similar to that of a much more superior brand.  When I first got this, I was sceptical because I loathe matte lips because I find them so drying and uncomfortable to wear that I would have taken them off and replaced them with something much glossier within an hour of application.  They feel like lips and you hardly know you're wearing lipstick which is a massive bonus for me because I adore the look of matte lips and can now wear them without the uncomfortableness that I have experienced with many matte lip products in the past.

If you are looking for some new bold lip colours that are formulated brilliantly without the bold price tag, the Maybelline Color Drama Lip Pencils are definitely the way to go!

Let me know what other colours I should pick up from this line, I would love to try some more to see if they are all this spectacular!

Emily xx

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