The Sunday Edit #21

I would like to star off again by apologising for no post on Wednesday! As I said yesterday in my NOTD post, I have been quite ill all week and wasn't able to post on Wednesday!

This week hasn't been brilliant, I've had a stinking cold, sore throat and pretty much everything has been bunged up, nose, ears, head and I have just felt pretty rubbish.  I took a day off school on Monday and stayed in bed all day but I had to go back on Tuesday because at this stage of the year, I can't really afford to miss any more school! I have spent most nights this week trying to catch up on what I missed and I have also been trying to desperately finish my art project as it is due in in 2 weeks!

Yesterday I had quite a productive day, I managed to do 4 recreations of my chosen artists work to go along with my research page, and I also managed to complete another research page.  Once I have done a few recreations from my research page, I am on to planning my final piece and just going back through my book and tidying things up.  I can't wait to finish this project and move on because we spent so long on it last year, and then our teacher left and messed us around so we have a lot of catching up to do this year!

We found out last night that the theme for this years end of season party at my caravan is halloween so I desperately trying to find a costume that I can get ready in 2 weeks! I am thinking that I may go as Berenice Marlohe from sky fall because her makeup and outfit are quite gothic and creepy and it would be quite a simple look to piece together.  I may do a whole makeup, hair and outfit post on this nearer the time!

I hope you have all had a lovely week!

Emily xx

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