Guest Post | Why do I blog so much about the topics of Mental Health and English Literature??

Hello, darlings! Thank you so much to Emily for giving me this opportunity to do a guest post on this blog. My chosen topic for this particular Guest post is based around why I blog about the topics that I do.

For those who have read my blog, (There will be a link to it at the end of this post), you will be aware that the two main topics that I write about are my passion for the topic of mental health, as well as my love for English Literature. Of course, like many bloggers, I talk about other general topics, but these two are the ones I am most passionate about.

Both are very personal to me and have a massive influence in my life. I suffer from generalized anxiety disorder, which tends to make life rather complicated on an everyday basis. I also know a large number of people who suffer from a range of mental health issues….so, as you have all probably figured out by now, mental health is a big influence of my blog. Additionally, I absolutely adore English Literature and have done since a very early age. Again, it a large influence in my blog and my everyday life. I hope to start a BA Hons English Literature degree next year (September 2017) and hope to either go into teaching or a similar English Literature based career.

My main goal in life is to help others and help to make large changes in the world through both mental health and English Lit. It is so important to give yourself goals to achieve. It does not matter if they are small. It does not matter if they are big. Every goal a person makes is important and a step to making a difference in your own life and other lives. Believe in yourself! I guess that is why I decided to start blogging. To open the doors to start achieving my goals and aspirations. In the modern day, we come across so much negativity in the world, yet we do not take the time to celebrate the positive factors that surround us every day, as we are so overwhelmed by the negative. Blogging about topics I am passionate about allows me to keep in the mind frame that even though there are extremely tough days, there are always opportunities to make things a more positive and enlightening experience for myself, as well as other people!

I hope you enjoyed this (hopefully) motivating post. Please feel free to check my blog out, comment and follow. Thank you once again to Emily! You are a star!!
Much love,

Rhi. X

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