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Hello little pumpkins!! I'm Amy and I'm guest posting today YAY. I thought I'd share a Halloween themed post considering it is nearly October. Where has this year gone please? Anyway, I blog at www.lifeofamy.co.uk about Lifestyle, Fashion, Food, Beauty. Basically, a little bit of everything I love.

Personally, Halloween is something that I have loved since I was a child. Becoming an adult hasn't ever really changed that. Some might say that Halloween is only for children but I completely disagree. I love throwing or attending Halloween parties. They are so fun! Last night I ordered my Halloween costume and I'm eagerly awaiting the post man now. It actually inspired me to write a post about the things that get me so excited for Halloween.
1.Free sweets - Not that I go out trick or treating at my age but my niece and nephews do and it's my right as an Auntie to "share" some of their sweets.. That is my motto anyway
2.Watching Hocus Pocus - This is my all-time favourite Halloween film, I literally re-watch this film every year. It doesn't get old for me - it's my Halloween tradition to watch this.

 3.Yankee Candles - I love the Halloween collection at Yankee Candle. My favourite of theirs for Halloween is "Witches Brew". It gets me SO excited. It's amazing how smells can remind of you certain things. The Yankee candle Halloween collection always gives me MAJOR autumn/Halloween vibes. I love that.

 4.All the Decorations - There is so many cute yet spooky decorations you can get these days. It's amazing. When I was a child - it was good old bin bags and artificial webbing. I just love buying new Halloween décor, it's something I enjoy each year.

 5.Carving pumpkins - I actually missed out on carving a pumpkin last year because the stores had sold out but I am going to get mine early this year! I'm not the best at carving but it is SO fun.

 6.Themed Halloween Posts - The blogging community is so creative which means come Halloween, we get some seriously amazing posts. Whether it is decoration, fashion, food or costume ideas; we get some amazing inspiration. After all - bloggers are so creative so that is expected!

 7. Parties - If I have a party to look forward to for Halloween, it definitely gets me into the spirit of things. I don't like the thought of being at home in my PJ's dishing out candy all night while trying to watch Netflix or something. Boring. I want to be where the action is so I can get my Halloween on and dress up!

 8. The Makeup - I love how you can really experiment with makeup looks for Halloween. My new favourite is trying out spooky makeup looks that I've spotted on Instagram. I always end up going as a Vampire though. If I could be any mystical creature, I would be a Vampire. A good Vampire though - The Cullen kind.

 9.Anything Vampire Related - I'm not going to lie here, I do have a soft spot for anything vampire related. As you may already know, I'm slightly obsessed with The Vampire Diaries and The Originals. Halloween is just an excuse for me to pretend that I am one.

 10.Lush - Last but not least, the Halloween collection at Lush. When the collection hits you know Halloween is only around the corner! I was actually invited to a Lush event this time around and I LOVED it. You can see what I got up to over on my blog.
Lush Halloween Bath bombs 2016
Thank you for reading - If you liked this post, please check out my blog! Thank you to the lovely Emily for letting me ramble on her blog. It has been a pleasure! I'll leave my social media accounts below, come and chat to me - I'd love to be blogger buddies.
P.S - Let me know if you have any Halloween traditions.
Happy NEARLY Halloween xo


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