The Sunday Edit #89

Happy Sunday! I can't believe how fast this week has gone, and I have two say I am pretty glad that it's over and done with. I was in college from Monday to Thursday which wasn't actually that bad, and then I was done for half term! Friday was the first official day of half term, I went to get my nails done with one of my closest friends Charleigh (find her blog here) which you may have already seen on my Instagram which if you don't follow me, you can either click the button in my sidebar or search my username, its_little_em. I went for something plain and understated because this week is my dance show and we can't wear nail varnish so these will be virtually undetectable under the lights.  The quote above pretty much sums up the week to come, I have a few little college bits I want to get done but this week will be spent blogging and dancing, so I will be doing what I love and a lot of it! I'm so excited for this week, I didn't think 15 years later that I would still get so excited about the dance shows, I look forward to this all year. I'm sure you will see plenty of backstage photos all over my social media over the next week so you'll be able to see what I'm up to every night!

I have a lot planned for this week, I have a lot of blogging that I want to get done and I want to make sure that I'm well up to date and prepared because once I go back to college after half term, my workload is going to increase dramatically leading up to Christmas and mock exams. Once I have finished this post, I'm going to make myself a to do list and do a bit of scheduling so I can decide what I'm going to do and when I'm going to do it. I like to take Sunday evenings to have a bit of a chill and also get myself sorted for the week ahead. I'm a bit of a planning freak so I like to write lists and have my week laid out in front of me so I can feel like I'm well prepared. I'm hoping to get a few blog posts up this week because I have so many autumnal inspired posts that I want to do and get up before the season passes. I'm so inspired at the minute so hopefully I'll be churning posts out left right and centre over the next few months!

I stopped to watch Jaclyn Hill's snapchat story and I completely lost my train of thought, so I'm going to wrap this up here and leave you to enjoy what's left of your Sunday Evening! I hope you have a fantastic week, let me know what exciting things you have planned for the week ahead!

Emily xx

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