Liquid Lip Week | Day #5 | Coloured Raine Matte Liquid Paint

Apologies for the late posting of this, this post was due up Friday but there's been a problem with the wifi, so I got half way through it and the wifi crashed so it wouldn't save and I lost all of my work! This is my second and hopefully last attempt at introducing you to the Coloured Raine Matte Liquid Paint's.

I purchased these a few months ago along with the Violet Voss ones which I wrote about here. These are probably the most similar in formula to the Kylie Lip Kit than any of the liquid lipsticks I have written about last week, as I mentioned in my July Favourites here. They are quite runny in consistency, and glide onto the lips beautifully, packing on an astonishing amount of pigment with just one swipe. These dry right down to a transfer-proof matte, and feel very light on the lips, almost like you aren't wearing anything! With just one thin layer, these are very comfortable to wear and unless you apply too much, they won't flake throughout the day. These last about 6 hours without excessive food and drinking before they start to fade from the inside of your lips. These liquid lip paints have a very small doe-foot applicator, making application slightly easier and you can get a much more precise coating.

I'd say the packaging of these is plain and simple which is nice, but in my opinion they look a little cheap and maybe a little bit childish with the pink plastic lids, especially considering they're £15 each. However, they're great to liven up your makeup bag if most of your makeup has black packaging, and I know a lot of people who love this sort of thing!

The shade range of these are the best yet, they offer everything from blues to pinks, lilacs to reds, nudes to browns, everything you could possibly wish for! I have 2 shades, 24seven and Mars but I will definitely be purchasing more in the future. If you aren't willing to shell out £15 for Mars, you can see that I have found a dupe which is the NYX liquid suede which I posted about here. The only differences between the two is that the Coloured Raine one is slightly longer lasting and a little less pink toned than the NYX one.

Overall, these are definitely a favourite of mine! You can expect to see more of these on my blog in the future, I definitely want to collect them all!

Which shade should I go for next?

Emily xx

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